The Castlerea Town Team is an initiative supported by Roscommon County Council to help breathe social and economic life back into our rural town. Our aim is to help local authority, retailers, consumers, citizens and communities energise and reinvigorate our town. We hope to create jobs, facilitate start-up businesses and above all re-install the pride we should have for “our town”.

We, the people of Castlerea know best what is needed by the people of Castlerea. Effective change will come from within.

We want our community to have a town to be proud of. One that caters to their needs so that they don’t have to look elsewhere. Spaces that are destinations – somewhere you want to spend your time and money. Somewhere that inspires, encourages and helps new entrepreneurs and supports the long established ones. Somewhere that both locals and passers-by want to stop and enjoy when they drive through, places that people hear about and make a point of going to. Somewhere that has a long term sustainable future.

Castlerea is a thriving market town and is beautifully situated in wooded countryside on the banks of the River Suck, with an extremely active livestock mart. The mart acts as a focal point for the agricultural community of the area, bringing in people from the surrounding towns and villages.

Castlerea is renowned for its community focus, with several voluntary groups and associations creating a vibrant and exciting scene for those with an interest in the arts and cultural events and sport. There are many dedicated spaces that have been created for the hosting and facilitating of these groups activities, such as the Enterprise Hub and Trinity Arts Project.

Clonalis house, home of the O’Conor family, which provided Kings and High Kings throughout Ireland’s history, is located just outside the town, on the banks of the river. Situated in an unparalleled setting, the house provides accommodation and tours for those with a love of all things historically significant.
The town is also serviced with excellent bus and rail links, with a train line stopping directly in the town.