We held our Annual Town Team public meeting last night in the Castlerea Enterprise Hub and were delighted with the fantastic turnout. Thank you to everyone who came and showed an interest in our town.

There was a very positive attitude in the room on the night and it gave us all a great eagerness to continue working hard for the town.

2016 was a great year with a lot of work completed. Here are just some of the great achievements:

  • We have secured over €60,000 for streetscape improvements
  • Provided 13 1hr self-regulating “green” parking spaces have been a huge success making shopping in local stores and business much easier for people of the community and passers-by.
  • Invested in hanging baskets & large flowering tubs to brighten up the streets of Castlerea
  • Organised and helped with town clean ups
  • Produced a Free Town Team calendar for 2016 listing all the businesses in town to encourage people to shop and stay local.
  • Designed and produced a website for Castlerea which will have a full business/club/society/ directory, information about tourism, accommodation, news, events and shopping.
  • We have built up successful social media links such as Facebook (Castlerea.ie), Instagram & Twitter
  • Invested in Christmas lighting for the town, organised a festive shopping Bonanza Day and had Mr Claus himself turn on the Christmas lights.
  • Won a Special Merit Award at the Bank of Ireland Enterprise Town Awards and a cheque for €2000
  • Helped organise Castlerea Enterprise weekend in association with Bank of Ireland which takes place in the Castlerea Enterprise Hub over the weekend of 9th/10th
  • Worked with the Transition Year Students on Darkness Into Light. The students in question received a special merit award at the Roscommon Volunteer Awards in January 2017
  • Are delighted to have members of the new ‘An Chistin’ Food Hub Working Committee

Plans are well underway for 2017 with a core plan of over 14 projects.

  1. Erect Parking Signs throughout the town
  2. Streetscaping – Village & Town Renewal Grant
  3. Continue to develop ‘An Chistin’
  4. Upgrading of Playground
  5. Research & Development of Diaspora Database
  6. Develop newsletter for publication on Castlerea.ie on quarterly basis
  7. Develop 5-year plan with Town Planner
  8. Arrange Social Media Training for local business/community groups etc
  9. Develop Farmers Markets/Food Market within the town
  10. Develop Shopping loyalty Scheme that supports community initiatives
  11. Develop Walking Tourism
  12. Encourage development of in town over shop dwellings
  13. Family Resource Centre & Youth Café
  14. Interactive Heritage Walk

If you have any more ideas you think would benefit the town please or would like to volunteer for any projects you can email us at info@castlerea.ie or check out our Facebook page here

Thank you all for your support and we look forward to continuing to make Castlerea a better play to live, work and play.

Castlerea Town Team Committee


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